K-TOOL Shop, LLC is a privately owned machine shop that was started in 2009 by Kevin Walker out of his garage. The company has since expanded to a 100,000+ square foot production facility in Lambertville, MI.  The wide array of machinery allows K-TOOL to handle every small job, up to full production runs.  The company is continuously growing and adding new machinery and staff.

The talented team has decades of experience producing pultrusion dies, extrusion dies, manifolds, puller pads, channel dies, go-no go gauges, specialty tools, 
and much more. K-TOOL can provide your company with a unique blend of precision machining and supply capabilities to meet and exceed your specialized requirements.

K-TOOL utilizes CAM software for programming all of the CNC machinery.

Our Mission
The mission of K-TOOL is to build lasting relationships with customers by providing timely quotes that lead to orders for quality parts, that are done right and on time at a competitive price.
Our Focus
Our machinists focus on the smallest of detail to assure you get a precise precision product that meets all of your needs and specifications.